Highest Income Jobs And Skills

The highest income jobs and skills has been what most people look into in search of a job or skill but know that Money should not be the prime motivator when choosing a career, but let’s be honest – we all want to know how much will earn when taking on a new job or skill.

The most recent set of income statistics from the Australian Tax Office (ATO) give insight into who is earning what by revealing the country’s top highest paying jobs according to their average taxable income.

When searching for jobs, it’s likely that the salary range is one of the first couple of things we look for before even deciding whether or not to apply.

There are no real surprises when it comes to these highest paying job figures. Industries such as medicine, finance and engineering dominate the top 10, while executive management occupations also feature quite prominently.

Also, remember that not everything that is good about a job or career is quantifiable – your profession may offer an enviable work/life balance that allows you to spend more time with your family and friends, which could be non-existent for workers in these higher-paying professions.

 if you have  been looking for jobs or skills  and don’t know the right job with high paying in Australia, here are a list of good jobs and skills with good income to earn a living in Australia.

The highest paying jobs and skills in Australia

  1. Head of Customer Service
  2. Senior Manager / Director (Strategy, Corporate Finance or M&A)
  3. Tax Director
  4. Head of Internal Audit
  5. Head of Strategy
  6. Finance Director/Head of Finance
  7. Head of Financial Planning and Analysis
  8. Head of Commercial
  9. Head of Transformation
  10. Chief Financial Officer
  11. Head of Operations (Mining)
  12. General Manager (Construction)
  13. In-House General Counsel (ASX 100)


Top Occupations In High Demand

For 2019/20, here is a list of the occupations with the most places in the skilled migration program:

  • Nurses – 15,042
  • Electricians – 7,854
  • Carpenters and Joiners – 7,164
  • Secondary School Teachers – 7002
  • Metal fitters and Machinists – 6,816
  • Motor Mechanics – 6,444
  • Accountants – 5,478
  • Construction Project Managers – 5,178
  • Software and Application Programmers – 5,004
  • Structural Steel and Welding Trade Workers – 4482
  • Beauty salon and Barbering salon – 5,896
  • Tailoring – 6,743
  • Farmers – 5,462

This is the few most payed jobs and skills in Australia, please feel free to add yours and ask questions by using the comment section.


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