6 Skills To Acquire Before You Start A Business Online


It is good to have this 6 skills I acquired before you start a business or any place it might be.

It is good to pray for business success. But it is also good to know that many people who had more money, prays more and more hardworking have failed in business.

Starting a business is not as enticing and simple as it sounds. It is not about starting fast or having the capital. It’s about being ready.

Business world has changed so much so that even most of the lecturers teaching business courses are outdated. It is no longer about opportunity but about skills available.

If you are thinking of starting a business, you will need a broad array of entrepreneurial skills to succeed in today’s competitive market. You must possess the basic skills necessary to enable you to start, develop, finance, and market your own home business enterprises.

There are a number of qualities and skills you need to have, including personal attributes, business skills, and management capability. While you may not have all of them right now, there are six basic skills you really must have to run any kind of business.

The good news is that business success is not just about luck; it’s a science that can be learnt.
I was sad the day I read the following statistics:

  • 65% of businesses die within their first 3years
  • 15% die before they reach 10years
  • 15% end up as struggling businesses for ever
  • 4% managed to maintain moderate growth
  • Only 1% achieve phenomenal growth

Someone with right business skills has 55% chances of survival than those without skills.
So when you acquire over 50% of these skills, you will likely run a business that will at least survive next 10years.

There are 6 skills to acquire before you start a business online

1. Management and leadership (24% of total business skills needed for success)

2. Personal skills and self development- 22%

3. Marketing, sales and customer management 17%

4. Product development and management 24%

5. Data usage and analysis 15%

6. Financial management and intelligence 8%

I will highlight basic things that needed to be learnt under each skils.

1. Management and leadership:

Agile project management, building and getting the best from a team, negotiation skills, building business model canvas, scaling up business operations, principles of outsourcing,

automation of business processes, design thinking, managing business tasks with apps, how to hire rightly, leading change, running productive meetings, competitiveness analysis, measuring performance and validated learning.

2. Personal skills and self development:

Time management, communication skills, productivity enhancers, influencing without authority, giving feedback, using LinkedIn, emails and social media, dealing with failures, analyzing opinions, handling biases and coordination skills

3. Marketing, selling and customer management:

Customer profiling, brand building, designing market funnels, use of digital marketing platforms, customer retention and churning, growth hacking and target marketing.

4. Product development and management:

Converting aspirations and needs into product, market research, lean startups, new product experimentation, market testing, commercialization, distribution channels management, product interviews and achieving product market fit.

5. Data:

Tools for business analysis, business analytics, Google analytics, market analytics, business intelligence, data visualization, communicating ideas using data insights.

6. Finance:

Principles of borrowing, building credit history, record keeping, cashflow and budgeting, investment analysis, tracking business expenses and debt recovery/management.

In conclusion, successful business is a product of years of learning and experimentation. There is opportunity for one who wants to learn. Internet made it easier to build skills these days.

Type each of these skills on Google and you will see thousands of information. If you do not have money to gain good MBA from a GOOD BUSINESS SCHOOL, and do not have money to buy books, begin to follow many bloggers who are experts in these areas.

I wished that making it in business is easy…but in reality, it’s a big job. I have shown you where to start learning from. The ball is now in your court!

On this topic “6 skills to acquire before you start a business online” feel free to use the comment box to add yours.

Written Dr. KC Onyima Edited by Val

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