54 Money Control And Saving Tips

There is an infinite number of tips to save money, but here are the best ways to save money in all areas of your life.

If you think that budgeting and saving money is hard, think again! These days, there are so many easy ways to save a buck or two.

Whether you’re using the best websites to score great deals or simply being more money-conscious,

you can easily slash hundreds—if not thousands—of dollars from your yearly expenses by learning a few of the tricks and tips we’ve listed below.

54 Money Control And Saving Tips

I. Look for a cheap house.

buying a cheaper house allows you to have extra cash to invest.

Buy a smaller house in a less desirable area.

2. Get rid of all unnecessary subscriptions.

3. Get a used car, instead of buying new cars.

4. Limit unnecessary calls and try to engage more in sms.

5. Stop eating out. Cook meals at home or learn how to order out very cheaply.

6. Indulge in cheap phone plans.

7. Stop spending unnecessary money on clothing, shoes and accessories.

8. Be more conscientious and reduce your utility bills.

9. Embrace your natural hair color rather than spending hundreds of dollars on salon services.

10. Make a list of what you need before shopping.

11.  Don’t spend big money in entertainment -54 Money Control And Saving Tips

12. Negotiate rates with your credit card company or complete a balance transfer.

13. Stop all forms of smoking habit.

1 4. Buy quality appliances that will last.

15. Do a price comparison and find a cheaper grocery store.

16. Avoid stress spending.

17. Switch to term life insurance.

18. Stick to reliable less fuel consumption efficient cars.

19. Avoid the mall. by research it is said people spend more when shopping in malls.

20. Rent out unused space in your home.

22. Create a visual reminder of your debt.

22. Try to fix things your self.

23. Check out free events in town.

24. Take public transportation.

25. Cut your own hair if necessary.

26. Often make use of library.

27. Buy a smaller house.

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54 Money Control And Saving Tips

28. Don’t overspend on hygiene products. stick to your budgets.

29. Make sure all your electrical devices are on a surge protector.

30. Cut down on your vacation spending.

3I. Exercise more.

Staying healthy means fewer doctor’s bills.

32. Live under your means.

Do not live extravagant because you want please a friend or some one. e.g. by showing of flash wears cars.

33. Don’t equal your income with expenses leaving you with little or no savings.

34. Invest in genuine and legal business.

Investing  some part of income is very important to make you extra money.

35. Only spend on what you need not what you wants. if possible make a list and stick to it.

36. Cultivate the habit of reading finance books. reading books on finance enlighten you on how to invest properly.

37. If you must get a loan use it to invest and not to be spent on domestic wants.

38. Shop at thrift stores.

Thrift stores are great places to purchase clothing, luggage, and even furniture for less. You’d be surprised at the high quality of items that people donate.

39. Buy in bulk.

Buying your canned goods in bulk is a great way to save money over the long term.

40. Buy quality not quantity.

A nice, quality pair of shoes can last you 10 years whereas a cheap pair will break easily and cost you more in the long run.

41.Start budgeting

This is the starting point for every other goal in your life. You cant be financially free when you don’t budget how your money is going to be spent.

42. Reduce monthly bills

Reducing most of your unnecessary bills can do you more good than harm.

43. Stop eating out – 54 Money Control And Saving Tips

Most people have this habit of always eating out at costly restaurants on a daily basis.

44. Pay off your debt

Starting from little debts can enhance your means to pay off every of your debts.

45. Stop using credit card

Most people find it uneasy to avoid spending usually when they always have their credit card with them.

46. Start saving each week

If you are daily pay worker or weekly try as much as possible to set aside some percentage of the money for savings.

47. Go on a spending fast

Sometimes you can decide not to spend because no need at all to do so.

48. Setup a financial plan

Every person who really need to be financially free must have a financial plan for guidelines.

Use numbers and dates, not just words, to describe what you want to accomplish with your money.

How much debt do you want to pay off—and when? How much do you want saved, and by what date?

49. Set realistic goal – You must set a goal for yourself on how to go about your business.

50. Read book on finance  – 54 Money Control And Saving Tips

There are many good books on finance try to grab one for yourself.

51. Learn basic automotive maintenance.

Surely you’ve noticed the two unspoken assumptions about automotive maintenance. One is “If you are a man you naturally and intuitively know how to fix cars.

52. Improve your skills

There are always need in life to upgrade our skills to meet the world standard to enable to render services.

Google “personal finance blogs” to find a list of great bloggers who share their thoughts on a variety of different financial topics, including even more tips on saving money!

53. Track Your Spending

Once you have your budget in place, the best to keep up with it is to actively track your spending.

You will probably be shocked at how quickly your budget for eating out will be gone, or how big of a hit that gourmet cup of coffee takes on your budget every month.

54. Always invest you saved money

I hope this list helps you save a significant amount of cash this year. Please let us know in the comment section if there’s anything we missed!

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