$500: Small Profitable Business Ideas


So many individuals out there are looking to start their own small business, but may feel like their dreams are for nothing because they don’t have the financial backing to get things up and running or they don’t know the actual small business to venture into with less capital.

Take heart! All hope is not lost — you can actually start your very own business with as little as $500 (or less).

Not all businesses require a ton of capital to get started. In fact, some can be started for an investment of $500 or less. If you have between $100 and $500 to start a small profitable business, here are some $500 dollar business ideas you can use to get started.

Small Profitable Business Ideas You Can Start With $500

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1. Vending Machine Business

The vending machine industry is one that has evolved and steadily grown since 2012.
As consumers’ lives get busier and people seek convenience and time-saving options while on the go, vending machine operators have many opportunities.

According to the Automatic Merchandiser State of the Industry Report for June/July 2019, 2018 was a record-breaking year for vending machine operators, with average revenue growth of seven percent over the year before.

While mega-vending companies generated most (65.2 percent) of the industry’s revenue in 2018, the report shared that small vending companies (those with less than $1M revenue annually) enjoy higher profitability.

 Ways To Get Started

  1. Buy a vending machine franchise
  2. Start your own vending machine business
  3. Choose what to sell
  4. Choose a business name and location

2. eBay/Amazon Reseller

You can easily start your very own small business by selling other people’s (or your own) items.

Just set up an eBay and/or Amazon account and start selling unused items around the house that are in good condition.

Those purses or unopened golf balls are worth something to someone…and you may be surprised at how much.

Once you’re out of your stocks to sell, go to your local discount store and look for inexpensive items that are worth more than their cost.

You can even go online where you’re selling (eBay and Amazon) and purchase items that are being sold in bulk at a heavy discount.

Once you receive them, take photos and post them online under your own eBay or Amazon account and sell them at a profit.

3. Photographer

Getting a good camera and photography item can be very costly. But you can get started with a photography business just by having the basics like a camera and a lens.

You can get a basic DSLR for around $500 or less, which will likely represent your biggest upfront expense. Then you can get a few accessories and maybe set up a website and studio to showcase your work.

4. Hairstylist| Beauty Home

You can offer hair-styling services on location so you don’t have to invest in your own space. You’ll need some hair products, styling tools, scissors, capes, and similar items.

5. Home Cleaning Services

You can offer home or office cleaning services to people or individuals who need cleaning services or are unable to do it themselves for one reason or the other, this business requires a small amount of capital to purchase the necessary equipment to get started.

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6. Makeup Artist

Or you could be a traveling makeup artist where you provide services at events or on location. Your major expense in this type of business is the actual makeup.

Obviously, the actual cost will vary depending on what type of makeup you choose and how much of it you need. But you can always start out with just the basics, which might mean spending a few hundred dollars.

7. Blogger/Vlogger – $500: Small Profitable Business Ideas

Everyone has a story to share or something they want to document. Online, you’ll see bloggers in every market giving out amazing information to help educate the general public.

You can do this too with a simple and free WordPress website or blogger, or pay to have your own dedicated domain and web hosting site that will cost you under $500 per year.

While this is a great small business idea that many people have, some aren’t truly utilizing their platform to bring in revenue. In order to do so, look to use affiliate links, ad placement, content marketing, banners, and other platforms like Adsense, media, etc to produce real monthly revenue from your storytelling.

Many bloggers and vloggers (Youtube is a good example of vlog) also bring on clients to promote their products. As long as you have a way to upload your content (laptop or smartphone) and a means to type or record the content itself (such as a video camera), you’re all set to start your own small business.


8. Pool Cleaning Services

You could also start a pool cleaning business with some basic equipment like a vacuum, brushes, and nets, and then access to reliable transportation.

9. Alterations

Alterations can be referred to sewing or tailoring or even fashion designer of kind of clothes, this skill pays highly good if you know what you doing and all that you need to get started is having the skill and necessary equipment and machines.

10. Editorial Services| Video Editing

Do you love to write or edit videos? Some small business ideas happen in someone’s head, while others prefer to write everything down on paper or document it on their devices. If you enjoy typing or editing videos and do it well, you could easily start your own editorial service.

This can be anything in the field: content creation, writing, copywriting, ghostwriting, editing, proofreading, etc.

It might make sense to start a website for your services to look professional and get your name out there, but that can be done free or very inexpensively (well under the $500 cap for this article).

The more clients you take on, the more revenue you’ll generate for your business. You can set your own prices for each service, and your customer base is endless — you can work with small businesses and large businesses alike.

You can even work with individuals like students who need help putting essays and reports together. The opportunities are out there; you simply need to go find them.

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