12 Ways On How To Manage Time

Time management is the process of planning and controlling how much time to spend on specific activities.

How you time can be manage is the way we decide to utilize our time in order to maximize our productivity in achieving certain long-term goals.

We all want to make the most of the 24 hours we get each day. However, some people achieve more happiness, productivity, and success – in the same amount of time as everyone else!

Reality is negotiable; every rule or law is negotiable. Being afraid of rules all the time is a recipe for mediocrity. It is easier for trouble makers to succeed than for perfectionists to achieve outstanding success.

Be good at trouble making and be willing to say sorry when things screw up. If you keep asking for permission, people who are serious will leave you. Rather, simply do what you have to do and ask for forgiveness later.

You have to develop guts if you must go far in life. Doing your best to please people always will not take you far. If you are among those that want to obey every rule and assumptions to the letter, you may not go far. Listen, every rule is meant to be tested. It is in navigating rules that successes emerge.

David ate the bread which only priests were allowed to eat and nothing happened. Jesus even worked more on sabbath than any other day. Check the bible and see that people whom God used were not afraid of rules and regulations.

Do not be scared by dos and donts because it is along those angles that success emerge. Moreover, rules are made with mediocre in mind. Geniuses always find it difficult to live by unnecessarily rules.

Coming to our topic today, I want you to know that unit of life is time. Whatever that takes your time, has taken your life. Talent and wealth can be restored but time cannot be restored. If you cannot do at 30 what your mates are doing, people will jeer you when you do it later maybe at 40.

Time is the only thing that no human being has enough. It is an equalizer in life because both a rich and a poor man, educated and uneducated has same 24 hours everyday. Since time limits our choices and dreams, we need to learn how to do more with less time.

Why poverty is bad is that it eats away time. What a rich man achieve in 2 years, a poor man achieves in 10 years. The footstep of old age comes quicker. Any time that is not used vanishes for ever. Last judgment will be based on what we did with the time we have.

Friends, if you understand the concept of time, you wont clap when a man builds a house at 50
Or when a woman gets married at 35 or when you finish university at 25. Or when you have not made discovered your life purpose at 30. Do u know that someone at 20s can experiment with career, relationships, etc but someone at 40s cannot do that.

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There are dream you will have the skills and money to pursue but time will no longer allow you. One of the saddest place in the bible is when God told Joshua that you are old but THERE ARE STILL MORE LANDS TO CONQUER

Do you know that someone who starts 10% savings at 30s will easily be rich than someone who started saving 30% at 40s. Since time is enemy of us all , we can only beat time by increasing our productivity.


Being selective and doing less are pathways to productivity. This is because doing something unimportant extremely well does not make it important. You must not do everything. Lack of time is lack of priorities. Do not be busy with things that have less value.

I Want To Highlight 12 Ways  On How To Manage You Time

1. Do not strive for endless perfection. Researchers discovered that it takes average of 9 months to learn 86% of a language and 3years to learn 93% of the same language. Do not focus on petty perfectionism….it takes the time you would have used for other things.

2. Use the 80/20 rule always. This Parato principle states that 20% of activities produce 80% of results. 20% of friends produce 80% of the companionship we need. 20% of customers provide 80% of revenue etc. So focus on the 20% in anything you do so that you earn 80% result.

3. Deal with interruptions: one of the time wasters in our lives are interruptions in form of calls, friends, emergencies, and unplanned events. Find a way to deal with them.

4. Do not micromanage people or block information flow. You get unnecessarily busy when people depend on you for information and decisions. Find a way to free yourself by creating replacement and delegation.

5. Automate your lifestyle using technology. There are so many software’s and apps that can help you do a whole lot of things. Please leverage on them.

6. Be firm when you go for meetings. Nothing wastes time like meetings. You should know that most people take meeting as social event instead of a place to make decision.

Do not attend every meeting. If u must attend, ask for the agenda and ensure they stick to agenda. If its outside your control, take permission when major issues have been discussed and leave.

7. Batch your activities. Do activities in batches. Cook in batches, go for shopping in batches, make calls in batches. Group activities in batches and avoid doing things immediately they come up.

8. Cultivate selective ignorance. Stop reading everything. Do not try to know or do everything. Stop learning unnecessary skills or books. Find your area and stick to it.

9. Choose your friends, avoid time consuming friends and stay away from poisonous friends.

10. Learn to outsource some responsibilities. Possibly use a PA.

11. Put things in writing and do not make non time sensitive issues urgent. Screen what you dabble into.

12. Explore working at home or any other place with less interruptions.

In conclusion, do not be slave of time. Set priorities and eliminate wastes in you life. Before you dabble into anything, ask yourself if you will be proud of it in next 10 years. Leverage on technology to automate your life. The simple reason for being rich is to have more time to do those things we love. Do not follow impulse rather, do your best to negotiate better.


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